Your preparation for marriage begins at least four months in advance of the day you would like to marry. You should plan to meet with one of the parish priests to discuss your desire to marry. The priest will be happy to give you any further information that you may need.

At your first meeting, you will receive a booklet entitled, "Planning a Wedding."  It includes important guidelines which have been prepared to help you in your preparation for marriage.  They are the product of many years of experience in dealing with couples who are about to be married and the questions which they may have about weddings in the Church.  Planning a wedding can be, at times, very hectic.  We hope that these guidelines will make this period of preparation a little bit smoother and enable the bride and groom to relax and to prepare spiritually to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. 

At the initial visit, the priest can place a tentative wedding date on the parish calendar.  After this meeting, at a separate time, you will need to complete and review a pre-marriage inventory called FOCCUS; participate in The Covenant, our parish's marriage preparation program; and provide the necessary documents for marriage.  As you begin to consider all of the plans to be made and the many details to be taken care of, we will be available to help and direct you.  We hope to help not only make these days easier for you, but to help also make your wedding more beautiful and spiritually enriching.

May the Lord who has called you to this wonderful Sacrament of Marriage bless you in the days and weeks ahead and may your wedding at St. Anne Church be one of the happiest and most beautiful memories of your life.